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Why We Should Raise Spiritual Children

Nothing frightens a suburban parent more than the prospect of his child getting into the car of a drunk driver. Parents will grant all kinds of dispensation for what we consider inappropriate behavior if our child just calls us for pick-up instead of getting into the wrong car. My children are not quite at that age yet, but I imagine that I would follow that same wisdom. Wouldn’t we trade anything to ensure our child’s safety? What if I were to tell you that you could exponentially diminish the possibility of your......

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Setting Expectations for Our Kids... and Ourselves

Can we expect “sexual purity” from our kids? Before defining that term, let alone answering the question, I should explain that I am addressing it for two reasons: one news-driven and the other driven by the ongoing challenge/opportunity that is contemporary parenting. Articles such as this one just published by Brianna Sharbaugh are increasingly in play with a variety of parenting and news sites – mostly, but not exclusively, those of a more conservative bent. Since more than half of the nation defines itself as either conservative or conservative-leaning, it pays to......

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