On Wisdom – Irwin Kula with Brad Hirschfield

We recently announced a new video series – On Wisdom – at The Wisdom Daily. On Wisdom will feature interviews with noted innovators in business, the arts, medicine, religion, academia and more. In addition to hosting these inspiring individuals to talk about wisdom with co-founders Brad Hirschfield and Irwin Kula, the two sat down to discuss what wisdom means to them, and how they use it in their daily lives.

In the second part of their Q&A together (the first part can be viewed here), Brad interviews Irwin about why he wanted to start The Wisdom Daily. “None of us are so smart that we can be 100% certain about the challenges that we have,” says Irwin. “Wisdom is offering more and more perspectives so that we [can] see.”

“What wisdom really is,” Irwin adds, “is just shedding some light, to help people through the dark spaces.”

Watch their On Wisdom interview for more discussion, including Irwin’s thoughts on being a teacher traveling the country and meeting people in search of wisdom.

For more videos from The Wisdom Daily, please click here, and stay tuned for the next installment of On Wisdom. And be sure to tell us in the comments what wisdom means to you!


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