On Wisdom – Brad Hirschfield with Irwin Kula

We are excited to announce a new video series – On Wisdom – at The Wisdom Daily. On Wisdom will feature interviews with noted innovators in business, the arts, medicine, religion, academia and more. These inspiring individuals will discuss wisdom with co-founders, Brad Hirschfield and Irwin Kula – what wisdom means to them and how they see it and use it in their daily lives.

In this first episode, Irwin interviews Brad about why he wanted to start The Wisdom Daily.” Most people go online to find confirmation of what they already know,” explains Brad. “Come to The Wisdom Daily and what you will find is not necessarily confirmation of what you already know, but you will find insight and partners that will help you get where you want to go.”

Brad goes on to highlight some reader responses that show the positive impact The Wisdom Daily is having in daily lives:

“You know, you wrote a piece about mourning for your father.? I never thought about my own mourning process quite the same way…”

“Thank you for talking about the challenge of sending a kid off to school thousands of miles away. I’m going to do that now and I’ll be able to do it honoring some of the sadness I feel but also embracing the opportunity that I know it represents.”

Watch their On Wisdom interview for more discussion on wisdom, including Brad’s thoughts on what wisdom means to him.

For more videos from The Wisdom Daily, please click here, and stay tuned for the next installment of On Wisdom. And be sure to tell us in the comments what wisdom means to you!

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