Gratitude The Greatest Medicine?

Substituting for a colleague who leads a grief group, this reflection on coping was shared by someone in the group. Written by Dr. Murray Feingold, it suggests that by focusing on how fortunate we are to have had lost love ones in our lives, we can help ourselves to feel better about the loss. But is that true?

For me, the answer is yes… and no.? That response will probably not surprise any TWD readers who have followed my reflections on how I have dealt with my dad’s death, and here is what I mean:

Gratitude, as more and more experts have demonstrated, is probably the single most helpful attitude we can cultivate in seeking happier and healthier lives. At the same time, I am increasingly convinced that healing also requires fully honoring the hurt and even misery we feel when we lose someone we love.

We need to honor the hole in our lives which loss creates, before we patch that hole with the gratitude and love which are the materials that help us become whole again.

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