Baltimore, Tribeca and Nepal: Our Week in Wisdom

On?The Wisdom Daily this week (April 27 – May 1), we talked about kids adjusting their education goals, inadequate relief (and lucrative tourism) in Nepal, award-winning innovations, Iran’s brutal executions and the outrage boiling over in Baltimore. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.


CollegeAdmissionsShockCollege Admissions Heartbreak: A Bounce-Back Guide – Irwin Kula

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard from parents about the cruel shock their children experience when rejected from the college of their choice. For many kids, living in privileged environments unprecedented in previous generations, this may be the first… READ MORE


Everest.620Mount Everest: Just Because We Can Doesn’t Mean We Should?- Brad Hirschfield

In the aftermath of the epic earthquakes in Nepal, the victims and survivors are on my mind. To be sure, with 19 dead, the devastation at Mount Everest is comparatively minor, while across Nepal, there may be as many as 10,000 dead… READ MORE


shutterstock_269714978Punking the Iranian Foreign Minister – Irwin Kula

David Keyes, friend to The Wisdom Daily?and one of the world’s most innovative human rights activists, has been asked by Iranian activists to confront their foreign minister when he visits NYU. Keyes recently launched a crowd-sourcing human-rights platform… READ MORE


BlackLivesMatter.620From Standing By to Understanding: Black Lives Matter – Matt Gewirtz

I have been in and out of sleep all night. I wake automatically reaching for the remote to see if it has gotten any worse. I hold my blanket up so that only my eyes can see, pretending somehow that if… READ MORE


DisruptiveInnovationAwards.620Celebrate Ideas that Break the Mold – Dan Ain

So there I was on stage in New York, about to smash a glass in front of hundreds of people. But this was no wedding. It was the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, for “those whose ideas have broken the mold to create significant impact.”? Winners… READ MORE


FreddieGray.BareVineyard.620.SunThe ‘Bare Vineyards’ of Baltimore – Rachel Barenblat

There was a powerful confluence for me while studying Torah alongside news about Freddie Gray of Baltimore. On April 19, the 25-year-old locked eyes with police and ran; when he was apprehended, officers radioed for a vehicle. By the time that police van… READ MORE


NepalQuake3.620Where Is the Help Nepal Needs? – Brad Hirschfield

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: With dramatic news breaking in the U.S. all week, our mainstream press isn’t covering Nepal’s dire situation effectively. In terms of earthquake relief, with thousands dead and injured, overwhelmed Nepalese officials aren’t being effective… READ MORE



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