Are Friends Better For Us Than Family?

According to a new study, the power of friendships gets stronger with age and may even be more important than family relationships in extending not only our quality of life, but in how long we live.

The Deeper Wisdom Of Fidget Toys

Have you heard of the latest hot trend in schools? They’re called fidget toys, and they are marketed as a solution to an inability to focus. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield examines whether there is any validity to this claim, as well as the deeper truths this exploration can reveal about our own lives.

Salaam Bhatti Talks About #MeetAMuslim

Can a program that connects Muslims with the general population really change perceptions? How do we get America to crack its echo chamber? In our first episode of our new podcast, “Cracking The Echo Chamber,” we discuss this and more.

A Rabbi’s Response To Pope Francis’s Holocaust Comparison

Pope Francis recently compared refugee camps to concentration camps, and almost immediately received a huge backlash for what many considered to be truly insensitive comments. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield shares his uncomfortability with the comments, but what he also realized may be his own failing (as well as, perhaps, our own).