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Why Is Downton Abbey So Popular?

I don’t often watch Downton Abbey (truth be told, I only watched ten minutes of it one time), but the frenzy over the start of what is to be the final season of this popular TV series has me thinking. Why is it so popular? It’s an artificial world, a dramatic fantasy. Yes, the costumes are charming and the plot similar enough to a soap opera to keep people tuning in. But I think there’s something else contributing to it’s appeal, something that is lacking in much of public discourse: civility. The......

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6 Life Lessons From Wide Receiver, Ryan Broyles

I don’t think I’ve ever written about money before — certainly not for The Wisdom Daily — and not so often about sports either, but today I am writing about both. When I discovered the story of NFL wide receiver, Ryan Broyles, I felt like I had no choice, in the best and most inspiring sense of the word. His story speaks to me as a husband, father, worker, employer, and perhaps most transparently, as one who values financial responsibility while trying not to let “responsibility” become a code word for worrying......

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