No Ordinary Book About Faith

I recently read a book that I’m delighted to share with The Wisdom Daily community, called Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Good News, by Jennifer D. Crumpton. Let’s take a closer look at what the good reverend has written.

Yes, I said reverend, but that shouldn’t scare anyone off; this is no ordinary book about religion. In fact, the book isn’t about religion, at least not as religion is often (mis)understood. And it’s certainly not limited to young women, or to those who consider themselves Christian, or Christian-curious.

So who is this book for, and what’s it all about?? Simple one-word answer: you!

FemmevangelicalThe term Femmevangelical is one I hope to speak to the author (someone I’ve worked with in the past) about soon, in a conversation we’ll record and share here at The Wisdom Daily. I believe her book is for any readers seeking to reconnect with what centers them, seeking encouragement for that search, or seeking language that helps them to celebrate a faith they’ve already found (but may find difficult to explain to others). Of course, the irony is: That is religion – or at least one deeply authentic way to characterize religion, but tragically not how very many folks have encountered it.

Rather than taking up pages criticizing the forms of religion that don’t serve her well, Crumpton instead details her own journey of how she learned to articulate her version of the evangelion (biblical Greek for “good news”). Approaching her readers this way makes Reverend Crumpton truly an evangelical, in the sweetest sense of the word.

Even more daring – and certain to annoy some who prioritize ideas before people – is the author’s fundamental (sorry, I couldn’t resist) commitment to each individual being empowered to discover, live and share their own good news. In this, the book embraces the feminist tradition, the Hebrew Bible’s Exodus tradition, resurrection traditions, and really, all traditions – spiritual, political and social – which seek a full expression of our human dignity and our infinite worth as people.

Ultimately, what I think I like most is how the book invites readers to believe that there’s more for us in the world – more for us to appreciate about ourselves, and all that we can do – than we often see. It’s there for us if we give ourselves permission to take it in.?Femmevangelical not only welcomes us to see it, but offers a great deal of wisdom regarding how to make the most of what we see once we take up that invitation.



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