Love, Pills and Career Choices: Our Week in Wisdom

On?The Wisdom Daily this week (May 25 – 29), we took a look at the perspective gained by career frustrations, the powerful love connections that transcend romantic ties, the party drug making medical news, the good conversations stymied by modern-day distractions, and the support for marriage equality in a country famous for its Catholicism. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.


Waiter.620Your Job’s Not Meaningful? Think Again. – Brad Hirschfield

We all need something to believe in, don’t we? It doesn’t have to be God, or religion, which is what many assume when they hear the word “believe.” Don’t we all need something that helps us go beyond ourselves to find meaning and purpose… READ MORE


PuzzlePeople.620The Connection Between Your Heart and Mine – Rachel Barenblat

It’s been said that being a parent is like having a piece of one’s heart walking around outside of one’s chest. It’s being vulnerable to everything that can go wrong, and intimately attuned to someone else’s physical and spiritual well-being… READ MORE


Ecstasy.Collage.620Time to Start Using Ecstasy? – Brad Hirschfield

I am a drug user, I’m not afraid to admit. I think if we got more comfortable with drug use, a lot of needless suffering could be avoided.?Okay, I’m referring to my occasional use of naproxen for headaches and a statin to lower cholesterol, but… READ MORE


IrelandMarriageEquality.Claddagh.620A Marriage Equality First in Ireland?– Brad Hirschfield

For the first time in the world, a nation has voted as a people to recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry in their country. While the majority in Ireland identify as Catholic, a majority of voters there are clearly comfortable disagreeing with the church on who should have access to marriage rights… READ MORE


dinner_conversationConversation. It’s What’s for Dinner. – Irwin Kula

When was the last time you had really good dinner conversation with family or friends? Conversation uninterrupted by the many ways our devices have a hold on us: the compelling ping of a text, the insatiable desire to check Facebook. A discussion that was more… READ MORE



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