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Each week, we come across writing full of wise insights from around the web and share it with The Wisdom Daily community. Today our favorite picks cover: singer Shirley Manson’s role as a rock icon, the powerful perspective of a gun violence journalist, the ethos of human connection in George Eliot’s writing, children innovating with new technology, soothing coloring books designed for adults and more. Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.


1. Results Oriented

“When you’re young you don’t think so much about being wrong, or is this the right path, you’re just like, Hey, here’s a path. I’m going to go down this path. It’s only really when you get older that you start worrying about outcomes. The fact is that sometimes a terrible situation can breed greatness in your life and vice-versa. A situation on the surface of things that looks great and positive can also breed terrible things in your life. It’s a bizarre fabric that we weave…”

– Shirley Manson, interviewed about her band, Garbage (Stereogum)


2. Death of Innocence

“I’m sorry everyone had to see those videos [of a reporter fatally shot on live television]. I am. But… ponder that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach and the effect it might have on someone half your age who doesn’t get to look away.”

– Peter Nickeas, sharing his perspective as a crime reporter for The Chicago Tribune


3. We Go Together

“Between prayer and despair, however, lies a different possible response to our common condition, one exemplified in George Eliot’s novels in ways that reflect her own most deeply held convictions about our place in and responsibility for the world we live in. Over and over in her fiction she shows us that our best hope and greatest obligation is not faith but fellowship: that while we may not have God, we do have each other.”

– Rohan Maitzen, “Middlemarch and the ‘Cry From Soul to Soul'” (Berfrois)


4. Early Learning

“Fifteen years ago, I wrote that kids, raised in an era of pervasive interactivity, would expect the entire world to interact with them. I hadn’t realised we’d give those kids the capacity to create the world. But that’s where we are now.”

– Mark Pesce, “The Raspberry Pi Is Succeeding…” (The Register)


5. Color Coordinated

“With the more detailed designs, you really have to focus your mind and be in the present. There’s a meditative quality to it, repetitive motion. You use both sides of your brain. The right brain, the creative side, you use to pick out colors. The left side, the analytical side, you use to figure out how to negotiate the image, decide what kind of pattern you want to use. That helps people relax. Seratonin is released, and when that’s released, calm happens.”

– Lacy Mucklow, “Today’s Coloring Books Aren’t For Kids…” (The Miami Herald)


6. Your Unique Truth

“Each human being has their own singular experience when something happens – you can grow up in the same house with the same parents and the same income and the same opportunities and come out of it with totally different childhoods and totally different memories.”

– Sean H. Doyle, “Everyone Is a Crackpot” (Entropy magazine)


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