America Is Still Blessed

The sun rise is bright pink today, dark and almost fuchsia, the color of my favorite markers as a kid. I can’t tell if its the darkness of blood, the pink of our destroyed shadow feminine side, or the rose-colored tint of a hopeful future as we all move on with our lives, sure as the sun rises each day.

We get a new day, all of us. The sun rises on the American nation because every day, we deserve another chance to do the best we can. Because among the false hopes and over hyped fears, we can remember that the power to make the sun shine in our daily lives lies within each of us, not a dominating power or government.

When we focus on government as something outside ourselves, when we spend our days watching Facebook feeds and live blogs instead of real life, we begin to think that’s all there is. That the world we’ve been shown trough these months via the lens of media is real. When in reality, it’s not the pundits in their easy chairs making the difference – it’s each of us individuals going out each day, living life, walking the walk, experiencing the thousands of touch points where government affect us but also, the many ways we can transcend it with our own good thoughts, kind words and compassionate acts.

The world is on the brink of major change. We’ve known that all this time, but it’s not going to take a near miss to teach us – the universe had to send us this major curve ball to see where the stakes truly lie. We’ve spent hundreds of years teaching our children to chase honor, revere power, aspire to money, demean women and choose them as a status symbol, and to disregard kindness, patience or cooperation in favor of getting your own way through bullying and aggression.

Our people are drinking poison each day, from the waters to the food sources to the high fructose corn syrup and prescribed opiates. They are denied the medicine that opens consciousness and instead are stuffed with a diet of Fox News, Facebook ad cat memes.

But we know we can go one better. Where Donald Trump has no power now, he cannot win. He does not own our neighborhoods. Our workplaces. Our homes. Our relationships. Our bodies. He may try to legislate against those rights but for now, we can make those spaces a place where love and light shine, a place where evil and tyranny cannot rain.

We can make our homes a sanctuary, welcoming in the stranger in spite of ghastly immigration laws. We can make our bodies temples, honoring the feminine despite pushback against a woman’s right to choose.

We can make our workplaces champions of a greater conscious good and work towards creating a better future, knowing we do what we can and that changes are built piece by piece, not all at once. Perhaps we can learn not to pin all our hopes in the ruling classes to make the changes and rediscover democracy as we enact them ourselves. We can take back that which already belongs to us and stay strong, like the pink streaks of the rising sun, to remind the naysayers we are here, we love, we forgive, and we are ready to build the greatest shining Phoenix from the ashes of this great learning experience.

God bless America. You are already so blessed.

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