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Syria Action: Moral Progress?

Keeping track of the Syria crisis these past couple of weeks has one’s head spinning. In a span of days we have seen the following: The President unilaterally ordering the bombing of Syria for crossing the red line of using chemical weapons, The President delaying military action, ceding presidential power and seeking approval from Congress, The American people?- tired after the failures of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya?- decisively rejecting military involvement, The President on the brink of not getting approval from Congress, Secretary Kerry’s offhand remark about Syria getting rid of all......

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Faith Lessons from Edward Snowden and the NSA

The NSA is snooping on us – data mining is the fancy term – but call it what you want.? Bottom line is that our own government is tracking our cell phone, internet, and email use.? We know this now because former NSA employee Edward Snowden has leaked that fact, and the NSA doesn’t even deny it. Part of me thinks that the whole story is much ado about nothing, at least insofar as Google and pretty much every other digitally-based corporation does, or tries to do, pretty much the same things.?......

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Why America Should Celebrate Both Its Secularist and Its Religious Roots

As the old saying goes, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.? And now people entering the Bradford County Courthouse in Starke, FL will be able to have a gander at both a monument featuring the Ten Commandments and another one which will feature quotes celebrating secularism as well.? And why not? Having lost the battle to have the original monument to the Ten Commandments removed, the national organization, American Atheists, has decided that it will simply erect an additional monument – one which celebrates its animating ideology.? The......

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