Video: Finding New Solutions – Why the Hobby Lobby Case is Bigger than Freedom of Religion

From Odyssey Network’s Faith on the Record series: This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Sebelius v Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. This is a moment to examine not just what “freedom of religion” means, but how to find new solutions as well. When it concerns the toughest questions, the new answers we seek rarely come from grilling the other person about what they believe…

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3 thoughts on “Video: Finding New Solutions – Why the Hobby Lobby Case is Bigger than Freedom of Religion”

  1. Although I agree with your video, I don?t understand why people aren?t questioning why birth control, for the prevention of pregnancy, is covered under the Affordable Health Care Act. It doesn?t seem to me to be a woman?s health issue. Therefore, it shouldn?t be a religious freedom issue. Personally, I don?t care what people do in the privacy of their bedroom; however, I don?t want to have to pay for it.

    • JfromCA,

      I would simply say that while not a health issue in the sense of preventing or treating disease, it is about how a woman treats/cares for/uses her body, and that’s not a crazy way to imagine “health issue”, is it? You are right that placing it in that category is itself a political decision which advantages the issue, but I am not sure that matters in this case.

      By definition, as citizens, we agree to pay for all sorts of things with which we disagree, and while I would like to see better workarounds for people in that position re birth control, those people would still need to be open to the fact that they will be paying for a system that provides for birth control as medical choice to be made by the women who uses it. To this point, that remains a principle which they reject.

      Thanks for reading! -Brad

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