Topic:Second Chances

What does it mean to give someone else, or even yourself, a second chance?
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October 01, 2014
Amy Shouse Amy Shouse
Rush To Judgment - How Making Assumptions Can Impact Our Ability to Empathize

When was the last time you made an assumption about another person, whether it be from their behavior or appearance, without knowing a thing about them? Yesterday? Today? A few minutes ago? Maybe it was the guy in the Hummer tailgating you that you assumed was a jerk. Perhaps the woman in line at the grocery store who snapped at the checker because she was in a hurry seemed mean and selfish. These...

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Brad Hirschfield Brad Hirschfield
new odyssey networks screen

From Odyssey Networks' Faith on the Record series: As Jews around the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah in the midst of global strife, we remember that Rosh Hashanah is a profound chance to look forward and dare to hope when others say hope makes no sense. ...

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Geoff Mitelman Geoff Mitelman

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Posted September 25, 2014 @ 11:09 am

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Waking up in the morning a definite challenge for me. I hit the snooze button more often than I should. At least three times, I have to say to myself, "OK, time to get up." I need some real motivation to get out of my comfortable bed. ...

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Brad Hirschfield Brad Hirschfield

Widen Your View and Pay Hope Forward

Posted September 24, 2014 @ 10:09 am
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Paying it Forward

When you look at the image above, what do you see? What does it make you think? How does it make you feel? ...

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Irwin Kula Irwin Kula
A Police Officer, a Homeless Black Man and an NBA Star- A Story of Character

Obviously, there are serious tensions and real problems between the police and the black community across the country. Every black person in this country knows that being stopped on the street by the police is one of the more dangerous moments in life - something white people cannot understand. Addressing this will require police departments to make significant changes in their legal, political...

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