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What does it mean to give someone else, or even yourself, a second chance?
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August 20, 2014
Brad Hirschfield Brad Hirschfield

Understanding Why We Fight

Posted August 19, 2014 @ 08:08 am
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Understanding why we fight

The news keeps getting worse, be it from Ferguson, Missouri or Ukraine. In each case, a day or two of calm is followed by a new act of violence. And as that happens, it's only natural, and perhaps even wise, to look for explanations. After all, we tend to assume that if only we could understand a problem, be it global, familial or inner-personal, we could fix it. Not so fast. ...

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Brad Hirschfield Brad Hirschfield
new odyssey networks screen

From Odyssey Networks' Faith on the Record series: The death by suicide of Robin Williams earlier this week shocked his fans around the world. It also focused attention on suicide and the discomfort we all feel about the disease that leads to it. We're not ashamed of having cancer, we're not ashamed of having ALS or any other devastating disease. But there's a lot of shame associated with...

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Brad Hirschfield Brad Hirschfield

Albright and Condi and Gates, Oh My!

Posted August 14, 2014 @ 10:08 am

Albright and Condi and Gates, Oh My

Between Israel and Gaza, Ukraine, and the mounting horror that is ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), not to mention Afghanistan, the United States is currently involved, in one way or another, with four different wars. Not all are equally "hot", and we are currently "only" bombing in one of them, but a quiet time in foreign policy it is not! That made this week's opportunity to hear from two...

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Irwin Kula Irwin Kula

Hope in the Midst of War

Posted August 13, 2014 @ 10:08 am
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Hope in The Midst of War

Whatever you feel about the political biases of the media, the fact that the only news we see about Israelis and Palestinians, in the endless 24/7 news cycle, is of hate, violence, destruction and death makes it easy to despair about this seemingly insoluble conflict. ...

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Amy Shouse Amy Shouse
Value of Intergenerational Relationships

In life, the most common friendships we form are with our peers - people who see the world as we do and who are in the same age bracket. This is understandable. We meet most people at school or work. But is there a certain limitation to surrounding ourselves with only those people that are very similar to us? As Albert Einstein said, "If you only talk to people like you, you'll never learn...

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