Welcome to the New “Wisdom Daily”!

Hello and welcome!

For those of you who are familiar with The Wisdom Daily, I want to introduce myself and all the wonderful things coming.

My name is Elad Nehorai, and I am super excited to be the new director of this beautiful publication.  I’ve slowly been working behind the scenes to transform The Wisdom Daily and take it to the next level.  I am thankful and excited that Brad, Irwin, and the people behind Clal, have entrusted me with this task.

To introduce myself: I am the writer behind Pop Chassid, a blog where I share everything from lessons I learned from marriage to spreading mental health awareness.  I’m the creator of Hevria, a collective of creative, funky Jewish voices.

But more importantly, I am a lover of the internet’s ability to transform the world.  From crazy crowdfunding campaigns to Tumblr activism, I am obsessed with using the internet’s incredible power to bring people together.  There is something magical about it, and I am excited by every opportunity to make that happen.

Which is why I deeply believe that The Wisdom Daily has the opportunity to become a transformative movement.  This is not a publication, it’s a vision.  A vision that Brad and Irwin have infused in me and that I hope to share with you as well as possible.

So, in that vein, allow me to introduce you to the changes that are happening now and in the future:

A clarified vision

Although the philosophy of The Wisdom Daily has not changed, we’ve further clarified our drive and mission in building this site.  Clal recently made their new tagline “Judaism as a public good”.  That same exact philosophy is what drives us.

You may be surprised to see a site that is run by a Jewish nonprofit to not only have Jewish writers, and to rarely write about specifically Jewish topics.  That’s because our approach is that our organization, publication, and writing come from an “inside-out” perspective.  One in which we are informed by our beliefs but are motivated to turn them into improving the entire world.  That means that every person on earth has something to contribute, and that wisdom is a shared reality.

And even further, we see an enormous gap in the online publishing world.  In a world where more and more people are becoming “nones”, the type of people who are spiritual but not religious, or religious but not allowing themselves to be defined by the usual constructs, there is little if any wisdom shared among or with such people.  We love this movement, and believe deeply that our role is to start sharing thoughts, wisdom, and reflections for those who love living in the grey instead of the black-and-white.

This clarity will affect every aspect of our site, and it will start with the things below:

New design

For those who aren’t aware, we have a brand spanking new design.  It’s now much more image-centered, modern, and mobile-friendly.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please be in touch!

New writers

Well, this is the most exciting development, I’d say.  In addition to our current incredible staff of writers, we are currently adding four new writers!  These new ones are just as incredible, and I can’t wait for you to see their work.  They will all have posts published this week.

Here they are:

Adam Watson – Whether it’s through books, movies or videogames, Adam is in search of universal truth and the ultimate stories to experience, or to tell. Spiritually he has a background in Christianity, and professionally works as a filmmaker and content producer for videogame marketing.

Ilona Fried – Ilona Fried is a writer and student of the Feldenkrais Method. Her articles and essays have been published at Elephant Journal, Tiferet Journal and Hevria. She blogs about awareness and spiritual practice at alacartespirit.com.

Joe Brewer – Joe is a graduate of Yale University, holding a Master of Divinity. He previously received his Bachelor of Arts in European History from The George Washington University. A one-time candidate for Christian ministry, he now frequents Shabbos tables in the New York City area. His interests include nonprofit management, American foreign policy, and American media coverage of Israel. He finds comfort in silence even though he lives in New York City.

Rebecca Odessa – Rebecca is a painter, blogger and small island dweller. She is passionate about religious history, and has a special fondness for peculiar religious figures – those people whom, through their devotion and vision of the divine, challenged the religious establishments to which they belonged…sometimes being crushed by those establishments, other times irrevocably changing them.

What’s coming

In each beginning, there will be an eruption of other beginnings.  In other words: this is just the beginning.  Keep your eyes out for the following:

  • New video content
  • More in-depth pieces
  • Guest posts!
  • Even more writers
  • Even bigger changes to design

Thank you, everyone!  I’m so excited for this new chapter, and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride just as much as I am already.


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