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An American Struggle: Rebuilding Trust

Our money may bear the words “In God We Trust,” and almost 90% of Americans may claim belief in God (or a higher power). But when it comes to government, organized religions or most other large institutions, a very different picture emerges. According to new polling by Gallup, trust in our big institutions is, well, in the toilet. As a panel guest on The Daily Wrap recently, I addressed the issue: “I think what we’ve gotten really good at is appreciating what people can and must do for themselves, but we’re going......

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Will the U.S. Be Smart About Smartphone Privacy?

As U.S. government officials consider how to meet law enforcement’s need for access to data – now increasingly encrypted on personal tech devices – Google, Apple and 140 other technology firms are pushing back. In an appeal to the Obama administration, they argue that “strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security.” Still, we shouldn’t forget: The cellphone is one of the single most important tools in 21st-century terrorism. Privacy is a priority for Americans, but what about public safety? Is the tech industry’s position a responsible one? “They......

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A Turning Point for Faith in America?

Across the U.S., people are talking about the latest in religious news: According to research, numbers keep trending down among the most popular sects of institutional Christianity in America. Many wonder what this means about the role of faith in our communities and our private lives. While I believe atheism is not on the rise, and interest among individuals who seek spiritual fulfillment remains as vibrant as ever, the upshot is this: “If you believe in tradition, figure out how to use it in new and creative ways.” Watch my recent appearance......

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