Tag: Self-Improvement

The Hardest Person to Forgive

Who is the hardest person to forgive? An abusive parent? A partner who betrayed you? One who shattered our world with mass violence? Well, according to Google, based on the volume of responses to this question, the answer is: yourself. But is that true? I’m not challenging the accuracy of the claim that self-forgiveness is the hardest to practice. Far be it from me to challenge Google’s all-knowing, all-powerful algorithms, and their power to shape our lives! Well, perhaps I should (at least the latter) but that is for another time. For......

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Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Waking up in the morning is a definite challenge for me. I hit the snooze button more often than I should. At least three times I say to myself, “Okay, time to get up.” I need real motivation to get out of my comfortable bed. That’s why I could really use the product known as Clocky. According to its description: “Clocky is the alarm clock on wheels that runs away beeping! You can snooze one time, but if you don’t get up, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand up to three......

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