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Coaching, Breaking Rules and More: Must-Read Links

Bringing you more wise insights published elsewhere – quoted here on The Wisdom Daily – our “must read” picks this week include an interview with an NFL trailblazer, a new take on Steve Jobs’ genius, smart tips for making the most of your workday, a funny rant about weak opinions, an in-depth analysis of guilt versus shame…and more.?Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.   1. A New Playbook “Football was like a religion… I couldn’t possibly know what opportunities there could be. I had......

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Respecting Opposing Views: How to Look at the Other Side

Seems like every morning we wake to the overwhelming headlines of fighting, anger and polarization – there aren’t many conversations today that aren’t anchored by disagreement.? From Congress, the media, cocktail parties and even our own dinner tables we’re seemingly unable to see that “the other side’s” opinion may be based in some truth. Instead opposing views should immediately be dissed or destroyed. Remember the Aesop fable, “The Fox and the Grapes”? where a fox sees some high-hanging luscious grapes and wishes to eat them. The fox jumps and jumps but fails......

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