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Love, Pills and Career Choices: Our Week in Wisdom

On?The Wisdom Daily this week (May 25 – 29), we took a look at the perspective gained by career frustrations, the powerful love connections that transcend romantic ties, the party drug making medical news, the good conversations stymied by modern-day distractions, and the support for marriage equality in a country famous for its Catholicism. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.   Your Job’s Not Meaningful? Think Again. – Brad Hirschfield We all need something to believe in, don’t we? It doesn’t have to be......

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Take the "Talk to Strangers" Challenge

If there is one universal piece of parenting advice, both given and received it is likely: “Don’t Talk to Strangers, it’s Dangerous”.? In a country where approximately 160,000 children a year are kidnapped by non-family members and thousands more are exploited on the Internet, ?it is obviously critically important to teach our children about strangers.? But I wonder, what is lost when this same advice is heeded by adults.? Do we really want a world in which no one speaks to strangers?? What do we lose personally and collectively by not talking......

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