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Will 'Giving Tuesday' Get the Same Attention as 'Black Friday'?

“What? Am I boring you?” I asked, as my friend’s eyes wandered around his living room where we sat on the couch catching up last month. “Oh, sorry. I’m just looking around the room and thinking about what’s broken, or might break soon. Or what’s missing in the room. Or…” “Why? It’s a beautiful living room in a beautiful house. What’s the problem?” I asked. “Nothing’s the problem, really. But every year when the calendar turns to November, with Black Friday coming up, I always go through this exercise of sitting in......

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Is Any Holy Book Worth $100,000?

If you suddenly had an extra $100,000, what would you do with it? Would you pay off outstanding debts for education or on your credit cards? How about getting out from under your mortgage? Gifts to those you love? Save for the future or give to causes in which you believe? Good arguments can be made for all of those, but now let’s shake up this little thought experiment with a story from this week’s news. Calvary hospital in the Bronx has been permanently loaned a 19th century Czech Torah scroll that......

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