Science, Sorrow and the Supernatural: Our Week in Wisdom

Science, Sorrow and the Supernatural: Our Week in Wisdom

On The Wisdom Daily this week (Oct. 26-30), we took a look at the latest social media app under attack, the intersection of joy and sadness, the new research on faith and science in America, the football coach in hot water for praying publicly, the everlasting appeal of a good ghost story… and more. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.


FreedomOfSpeech.SocialMedia.620Yik Yak Is Back – Brad Hirschfield

The popular social platform Yik Yak is back in the news. Not that it was ever gone, but some are now pushing in that direction – and raising important questions about privacy, decency and first amendment rights… READ MORE


ScienceReligion.Fingers.620Whether Scientific or Religious (or Both) We’re All Human – Geoff Mitelman

Pew Research has a new study about how religion affects Americans’ views on science. Worth noting: The common refrain that “religious people don’t embrace science” is simply not true… READ MORE


SadnessJoy.Watercolor.620When Sadness and Joy Co-Exist – Rachel Barenblat

Have you ever picked up a book knowing that its arrival in your life at precisely this moment was a gift? That was my sense when I held Jay Michaelson’s The Gate of Tears, subtitled “Sadness and the Spiritual Path.” As I delved into the book… READ MORE


CoachJoeKennedy.Praying.620Should a Public School Coach Be Praying With Players? – Brad Hirschfield

Which does our Constitution guarantee – freedom of religion, or freedom from it? The short answer is: It depends. The ongoing ability to interpret the document is among its greatest strengths… READ MORE


WorldofMeaning.620Why We Live Where We Live – Min Kantrowitz

It’s hard to keep track of friends and relatives when they move around so much. My address book (when I still used one made of paper) was full of crossed-out addresses and phone numbers and email contacts. Now it’s the same problem on the electronic version… READ MORE


MollyRingwald.620Friendship, Overparenting and More: Must-Read Links – TWD

Every week, we bring you our favorite reads from sources around the web. Topics on this week’s list include getting older with confidence, keeping emotions in perspective, changing how students and teachers interact, evolving as friends over time… READ MORE


GhostStories.Halloween.620Ghost Stories Live on For a Reason – Michael Bernstein

There always seems to be an explanation. At least on Scooby Doo there is. After spending the episode chasing after paranormal disturbances, the cartoon gang invariably discovered that it was “old Mr. Peterson” all along, wearing a mask… READ MORE



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