Sing this Song for Yourself: Reflections on the Grammys

The Jewish lesson from the Grammys

It’s About Hope In a Trying Time

Without Aaron and Miriam, there is no Moses

Travel Light

A Commentary on Parashat Beshallach, excerpted from Rabbi Elan Babchuck and Rev. Kathleen McShane’s new book: Picking Up the Pieces: … Continue Reading

Trapped by Trauma: Transcending the Dragon’s Gaze

The following is a long-form piece by Clal’s President Emeritus, Rabbi Irwin Kula, on the Israel-Hamas-Gaza tragedy. Irwin decided that … Continue Reading

When My Teen’s Questions About Israel And Gaza Upset Me

Finding ways to talk to our children about the situation in Israel

Your Life Is Important

Remembering Dr. Bernie Steinberg

Where Is Dr. King’s Dream?

**This article was first written by Rabbi Irwin Kula in 2015, items with brackets represent current statistics. Today we remember … Continue Reading

Do We Have Free Will? Isn’t as Simple as “Yes” or “No”

Did Pharaoh have free will?

Teach Your Children Well

The challenge of passing Jewish values and traditions onto the next generation.

Helping Life Win Over Death

This week’s parashah brings us into a new phase of the Jewish people. We completed the book of Genesis, the … Continue Reading

Form and Function: On Hoodies, Scars, and Clouds of Glory

Thoughts of the sacredness of sweatpants.

The Limitless Boundaries of Jerusalem

On walls and Tabernacles