Intelligence, Simplicity and More: Must-Read Links

Every week on The Wisdom Daily, we bring you our favorite reads from sources around the web. Topics on this week’s list include Sarah Silverman’s candor about weathering depression, the far-reaching resonance of Bob Marley’s recordings, the lessons learned by living more simply, the memory improvement that requires forgetting… and more. Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.


1. Peaks and Valleys

“I still have downward spirals, days when I have to drag myself onstage to do stand-up or I’m just tweeting Morrissey lyrics from my bed. But there’s one thing I know that I used to not know: It will pass.”

– Sarah Silverman, on her battle with depression (Glamour)


2. Tuning Into Truth

“Bob Marley ascended to international superstardom not by hiding his faith but by offering Rasta culture to his listeners as a legitimate way of understanding their own situation….It’s difficult to overstate what an achievement this was. Before Marley, kids everywhere hummed with Elvis as he crooned about Memphis, or the Beatles as they celebrated Abbey Road. Marley’s success showed that…teens in New York and London could hear their own situation described in lyrics and music coming from Trenchtown, Jamaica.”

– Jeff Sparrow, on the Booker Prize won by Seven Killings (Australian Broadcasting Corp.)


3. Just a Moment…

“I used to think that I needed to go on grand adventures in order to feel fulfilled, in order to create meaning in my life. But what I’ve found is that even in the midst of my simple life, there are lots of meaningful moments. And every single one of these moments add richness and texture to my life. They’re moments that I treasure deep in my heart. And they happen every single day!”

– Ed Herzog, “Lessons From Embracing the Simple Life” (The Change Blog)


4. Real (Good) Artificial Intelligence

“We are the model of an intelligent being. But any form of artificial intelligence is actually a different species. It’s not copies of human beings. You’re really seriously jumping into the deep end. How do we create ethical A.I.? We have to address this in a more spiritual way.”

– Reid Hoffman, “The Network Man” (The New Yorker)


5. Head Rest

“Time management isn’t just about scheduling. Not all hours are the same. Because the brain fatigues and needs rest to regenerate, the best way to get your work done isn’t necessarily by scheduling them out. Instead, pay attention to the ebb and flow of your mental energy. Some tasks deplete more of it than others.”

– Josh Davis, “Secrets of Highly Productive People: Four Strategies…” (Fast Company)


6. Sticking With It

“The act of forgetting information and then re-learning it, ideally multiple times, is what cements memories in the brain. The process of forgetting, and then repeatedly filling in those memory gaps, makes them stick.”

– Laura Entis, “3 Ways to Become a More Effective Learner” (


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