Dealmaking, Filmmaking, Stargazing: Our Week in Wisdom

Dealmaking, Filmmaking, Stargazing: Our Week in Wisdom

On The Wisdom Daily this week (August 17-21), we examined the introspective work you can embrace at this time of year, the practical skills that help you master the art of reinvention, the scrutiny our leaders invite when making attempts at peace, a cinematic reaction to the Michael Brown shooting and more. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.


MeteorShower.620Looking Up, and Looking In – Rachel Barenblat

One recent night, a friend reminded me that the Perseid meteors were going to be visible. Late that evening, we turned off all our lights, went outside and lay on our backs. I knew it would take a while for my eyes to adjust. As I looked up at the heavens, I was awestruck… READ MORE


Reinvention.GardenBottle.620Reinvention as a Life Skill – Saul Kaplan

Ask anyone if they’re doing today what they thought they’d be doing when they started out. I begin every speech that way; occasionally, a few raise their hands. Almost everyone will admit that they’ve had to reinvent themselves, multiple times… READ MORE


IRanDeal.620Reading President Obama and the Iran Deal, From the Bottom Up – Brad Hirschfield

Whether you support President Obama and the deal with Iran, oppose it, are genuinely uncertain about where you stand, or even if you are just plain tired of the ongoing debate about it, I have an article for you… READ MORE


FergusonTribecaShortFilm.620Scenema’ and the Truth According To Darren Wilson – Irwin Kula and Craig Hatkoff

Driven by their own quest to better understand the emotions, conflict and complexities that emerged from the tragedy of Michael Brown’s death, filmmakers Sol Guy and Ezra Miller have just premiered a provocative experimental work… READ MORE


KateWinslet.BBCTeaching, Learning and More: Must-Read Links TWD

For parents, educators and students of all ages heading back to school, these new “must read” pieces are enlightening, including Kate Winslet’s tip for a common classroom crisis, the educational trend worth rethinking, a new way to compose essays, an ingenious plan to get kids reading… READ MORE


Amazon.620Amazon’s Toxic Workplace: Is a Fix Right on Our Doorstep? – Brad Hirschfield

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: Despite being a company that doesn’t actually net much profit, Amazon has grown to infiltrate the lives of millions of Americans, who rely on the online portal regularly for goods delivered… READ MORE




Here at The Wisdom Daily (TWD), we feature spiritual insights on daily life, designed to help improve and enhance our relationships with ourselves, our families and the world around us.

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