A Minimalist Interprets Holy Stories

Whether you’re an atheist or devout in your faith, whether you’re conservative or liberal, here is a bible that will make everyone think! With his Minimum Bible, Joseph Novak – a Presbyterian pastor, graphic designer and father of two in Michigan – has created a masterful collection of contemporary graphic images inspired by each of the 66 books of the Jewish and Christian Bible. Check out the variety of these pieces, seen on the Minimum Bible Facebook page, to see how each biblical section is distilled into one thought-provoking image. Here are a few that demonstrate why Novak’s talent is worth celebrating:


Genesis ?? James

Jonah ?? Ecclesiastes

Novak describes his minimalist illustrations as a “visual diving board.” For many, the beauty and fun of the Minimum Bible will be in trying to puzzle out the basic ideas and events depicted. Of his colorful, circular Genesis design, Novak explains on his official website (where prints are available for purchase): “At its heart, the story is really this brief image in a re?ecting pool of Utopia, but by the third chapter, a stone has been tossed into the pond and the ripples of that stone spread throughout the rest of the book.”

This is an artist who reminds us that what makes something genuinely holy – “the word of God” – isn’t that it has one fixed interpretation, but rather an inexhaustible myriad of interpretations.


Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/minimumbible


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