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Celebrating Serena, Defeating Fear and More: Must-Read Links

Every week on The Wisdom Daily, we bring you our favorite reads from sources around the web. Topics on this week’s list include celebrating Serena Williams, capturing precious moments, an atheist visiting Rome, and more. ?Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.   1. “All year Serena Williams kept coming, on a path more arduous than anyone knew, and she put together the best season by a woman in a quarter century…But that’s not the sole reason why we arrive, now, at this honor. It’s......

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The Key to 'Successful' First Dates

Dating is a process of being open and closed; open to letting a stranger become significant, closed to the immediate discomfort of the moment. The discomfort of being judged by our appearance or job title, the pressure of keeping up a conversation. I’ve lived in New York, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, St. Petersburg and Singapore. And I’ve been single in every city. That’s a lot of first dates. There was a post-lecture mezcal at a conference in Mexico. A night safari in Singapore. A Thai dinner with a British teacher......

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Malcolm Gladwell on Keeping the Faith and Achieving Greatness

Finally got to read David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, which Irwin wrote about a couple of weeks ago.? It’s a fascinating book which spoke deeply to me about three things, and troubled me a little about one thing?- more on that in a moment.? I might have hesitated to boil it down so succinctly, but in this interview, that is what Gladwell himself does. The three key insights here from the book are: 1. What others see as a weakness, may be a great strength 2. Religious faith is a powerful......

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