Tag: LGBT Rights

A Family Values Fumble for Reverend Franklin Graham

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: Sounding off about Wells-Fargo’s TV ad depicting two women learning sign language in order to adopt a hearing-impaired child, Rev. Franklin Graham declared his plan to cut ties with the bank by withdrawing his ministry’s funds. He also encouraged his flock to follow suit. But the evangelical leader soon softened his stance (saying he isn’t opposed to the company’s ad being “gay-friendly”), and now, what I find fascinating is watching him wrestle with this issue. “What if all of us were willing to open......

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Insights on Bruce Jenner: Embrace Your Reality

Once tabloids and gossip sites breathlessly started publishing pictures of Bruce Jenner in a dress, it seemed only a matter of time before our national conversation would acknowledge a kind of “transgender moment.” When the former Olympic great and Kardashian reality show patriarch agreed to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer, many were concerned that the broadcast would be a showcase for the sensational – or otherwise belittle the lives of people whose gender differs from the one generally assumed for them at birth. This fear is rooted, in part, in a history......

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