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New Female-Only Taxi Service Attracts Women... and Controversy

SheRides is a taxi and car service app tailored to the needs of women – an Uber by women for women. Launched in New York City and its surrounding area on September 16, SheRides provides all female drivers – sporting hot pink pashmina scarves – to exclusively female passengers. Its priority is to offer safe, reliable, and trustworthy women drivers to women passengers who feel uncomfortable being driven by men. SheRides attracts women across all demographics including women concerned about sexual harassment from male drivers, as well as women (as both drivers......

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The Beauty of Saying 'I'm Sorry'

Recently, I wrote about the art of accepting compliments. On a related note, the whole question of when to say “I’m sorry,” and what those words mean, strikes very close to home with me. My guess is that it does the same for you. We hear those two little words so often, and probably say them as often – but what do they mean? Are they an expression of passive regret about a particular circumstance, e.g., “I’m sorry that the coffee wound up on your shirt,” or under more serious circumstances, “that......

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Are You Guilty of Microaggression?

Are we fast-becoming a culture of victims, endlessly seeking new grievances and hurts in order to define ourselves? Or, are we simply becoming increasingly and appropriately sensitive to the impact of our words upon others? A key to unlocking that puzzle may be found in conversations popping up all over the place about something called Microaggression. Don’t know that is? Neither did I until a very short while ago, so don’t worry. Microaggression is defined by Tanzina Vega, race and ethnicity reporter for the New York Times, as a catch-all for “the......

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