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The Key to 'Successful' First Dates

Dating is a process of being open and closed; open to letting a stranger become significant, closed to the immediate discomfort of the moment. The discomfort of being judged by our appearance or job title, the pressure of keeping up a conversation. I’ve lived in New York, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, St. Petersburg and Singapore. And I’ve been single in every city. That’s a lot of first dates. There was a post-lecture mezcal at a conference in Mexico. A night safari in Singapore. A Thai dinner with a British teacher......

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Three Ways to Resist Temptation

Being tempted by people, things or behaviors which may not be so good for us is part of being human.? I even think that succumbing to those temptations is part of being human, and not necessarily in a bad way, either?- at least not always.? But clearly, there are plenty of times when we want to resist, when we need to resist, or when we regret not resisting.? What helps in those moments? How do you deal with being tempted by something that you would otherwise not want to do or be......

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