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Is Football the New Tobacco?

Could football really be the new tobacco, as suggested by the cover of the NY Times Magazine and to be fair, by The Dish’s Andrew Sullivan 2.5 years ago?? Before you go calling me some nanny state, un-American alarmist just looking for one more legitimate pleasure that people should be free to enjoy, watch this video which details the brain damage sustained by high school football players. Even if it’s only one study, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Should we really be celebrating a game that almost by definition is harming......

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What Curling Can Teach You

Believe it or not, there are significant life lessons to be learned from the rather obscure sport of curling – powerful lessons which transcend not only that winter sport, but sports in general, and speak to our everyday pursuit of success. Among the keys to success (and there is no single recipe, especially as there are many definitions), strong relationships built on trust and shared purpose are often central. Did you know that, even at the highest levels of competition, there are no referees in curling? The players police themselves.? Success in......

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'Friday Night Tykes': How Much Should We Push Our Children?

When the NFL says a broadcast about football is difficult to watch because it is too violent, you know there is a problem. This is what the league said about Esquire Network’s Friday Night Tykes, a reality series following several teams of 8-and 9-year-olds in the Texas Youth Football Association.? The trailer shows ranting coaches and obsessive parents, who are essentially fast-tracking kids to head trauma. I kept thinking: I guess in Texas, as long as you pray, you can play to kill. This network’s portrayal of young boys engaged in grueling......

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