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Resting Is Far More Than 'Doing Nothing'

Ever feel insecure about what you aren’t accomplishing? Feel like you should be doing more, getting ahead faster, thriving on fewer hours of sleep? If so, I’d estimate there are probably millions of Americans right there with you, at one time or another — and me, for that matter. For inspiration, here are ten quotes that will inspire you to “Feel better about not getting anything done.” For example, take Gandhi’s observation: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” All these words of wisdom are quite fascinating, as they’re really......

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Sleep Is the Best Meditation

Why we sleep is a question that has captivated philosophers and scientists for millennia. If you really think about it, letting go of all activity and going to sleep for several hours every day – becoming totally unconscious and completely vulnerable?- is actually quite bizarre.?Yet sleep is not just a human need: every species of animal on the planet is known to sleep in some fashion. Recent findings have shown that when we sleep, our brain undergoes a sort of mop-up process that removes waste products linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.......

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