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Dealmaking, Filmmaking, Stargazing: Our Week in Wisdom

On The Wisdom Daily this week (August 17-21), we examined the introspective work you can embrace at this time of year, the practical skills that help you master the art of reinvention, the scrutiny our leaders invite when making attempts at peace, a cinematic reaction to the Michael Brown shooting and more. Did you grow wiser this week? We hope The Wisdom Daily played a part.   Looking Up, and Looking In – Rachel Barenblat One recent night, a friend reminded me that the Perseid meteors were going to be visible. Late......

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Reinvention as a Life Skill

Ask any group of people if they’re doing today what they thought they’d be doing when they started out. I begin every speech that way; occasionally, a few people in the audience raise their hands (very few). Almost everyone will readily admit that they’ve had to reinvent themselves, multiple times over, in their lives and careers. And yet, if you ask how they did it, or if formal education prepared them for reinvention, you get mostly blank stares. You hear answers like: I just did it because I had to. Most people......

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