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Inside the Lives of Single Mom Rabbis

I just watched a documentary – called All of the Above: Single, Clergy, Mother – that touched my heart, mind, and spirit. In the movie, three rabbis and a cantor, each raising kids, describe with remarkable vulnerability their candid experiences pursuing the choice of single motherhood. All of the subjects of the film are successful and prominent in their communities and of course, for any woman, the decision to become a single mother is complicated. Their four narratives vary in poignant ways, but in eloquently revealing personal physical, emotional, and financial details......

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Getting the Most Out of Christmas When You're Not Christian

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield shares with Rev. Welton Gaddy his experience navigating Christmas while being Jewish in America and his thoughts on a deeper shared sense of purpose this time of year. Listen here. With Rev. Welton Gaddy from State of Belief, December 22, 2012.? This content originally appeared on clal.org on December 22, 2012....

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