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Video: What to Do about Iraq?

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: There’s a recent and alarming rise of violence in Iraq by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Watch my video commentary for discussion of the issues surrounding this… Odyssey Networks tells the stories of faith in action changing the world for the better. Their stories explore a wise range of issues including peace, tolerance, social justice and the environment. Visit Odyssey Networks at www.odysseynetworks.org. To view more of Brad’s Faith on the Record discussions, please click here....

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Glenn Beck: Liberals Were Right

I don’t want to make more of this than it is especially given the serious polarization that does exist in this country (see recent Pew study which I will be writing about next week) and the very uncomfortable blowback I received from my last post on Glenn Beck. But speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Glenn Beck said something that I imagine you would never expect him to say. He delivered a rare admission saying the violent unraveling of Iraq is proof that liberals who opposed the invasion of Iraq in......

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Honoring Our Veterans Isn't Just One Day

Today is Veterans Day and whatever our politics or opinions of war, we need to respect, honor and most critically, care about our veterans. In reflecting upon the importance of Veterans Day, I came across some surprising and even shocking facts on the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: More than 6,600 dead. 2.5 million men and women have been deployed in these two wars – over 400,000 have done more than three deployments. If you do not know anyone who has served it is because we have made an......

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