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Chefs, Umpires and Joan Didion: Must-Read Links

Each week, we find smart reads and new insights to share with readers of The Wisdom Daily. Today our favorite picks from around the web include pieces about the insatiable curiosity of Joan Didion, the beauty of solitude, the Senagalese chef with Vietnamese roots, the latest Lily Tomlin character, the way umpires improve their game and more. Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.   1. Book of Joan “Didion lost faith in the defining narratives of American life. A fifth-generation Californian whose ancestors had......

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True Religion and Real Religion

Can “true religion” be a basis for hatred or division among people? Based on the historical record, it seems clear that the answer is, yes. Of course, that answer puts me at odds with many people, including the Prime Minister of India, who insist that “true religion” is always warm, peaceful and loving. It’s not. Or, if you prefer, the whole notion of “true religion” is a poor way to address the issues which seem to concern the PM. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked people this week to battle religious fanaticism. About......

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