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How Terrifying Crimes of Hatred Shape Our Culture

They did not know it was a Jewish cemetery. They did not intend it to be an act of Antisemitism. So explained five boys in France after they turned themselves into the police. The teens had vandalized the cemetery, upending hundreds of tombstones and spray-painting swastikas. Let us suppose it is possible that their naivet? is genuine. If what they say is true, then without specific malice towards Jews, these five, aged 15-16, chose a random symbol which just turned out to be a sign of Aryan power and hatred towards Jews.......

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Can People (Really) Be Forced to Do the Right Thing?

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: A judge’s decision in Colorado – in which a bakery was ordered not to refuse patrons who wanted a cake for a same-sex wedding – is not as cut and dry as it seems. As it turns out, a new set of customers seeks a professionally-baked cake decorated with homophobic hate speech. My question is, “Are these really analagous?” Watch my video below for more insight and discussion: ? Odyssey Networks tells the stories of faith in action changing the world for the better.......

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