Real-Time Reporting From the Stand and See Fellowship in Israel

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I am sharing these pictures instead of inviting you to read 6,000 words.  An experience is worth 10,000 words, which is why Clal created the experience of a lifetime  — captured in these images — for those who will lead spiritual life in America.  We do it in Israel for all the reasons you can imagine.
The through-line for all of it is not simply the sites participants see or even the amazing people they meet, but the insights they gain — insights that help them see themselves, their beliefs, Israel, and their leadership roles, in richer and more nuanced ways than ever before.  How do we know?  They tell us so.
Here are just three comments from three of our 25 people, all students at United Seminary in Ohio — our first institutional partner in Stand and See — shared in that 24 hours in Israel, from where I am writing, as the sun begins to rise on the Sea of Galilee.
“The words “spiritual leader” will never be the same for me.”


“I finally have a way to celebrate my faith and honor my questions.”


“I can’t wait to come back to this beautiful, crazy country.  I am not Jewish, but it does feel like home.”

The group with Fr. Nael Abu Rahmoun, Anglican Vicar of Nazareth.


With Rabbi Haviva Ner-David at the Kibbutz Hannaton Mikve.


Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, In Bethlehem at the Church of the Nativity.


The group at Mt. Precipice.


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(Cover photo: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield introducing the Fellows to Jerusalem from atop the Mount of Olives.)

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