Inspirachel Nugget: Transition Lenses And The Argument For Awe

Hi there, me again, Rachel the poet. I’m here with another inspirachel for you.

An inspirachel is a quirky little download from the universe that makes its way through my soul-ar system and comes out as a little nugget: an inspirachel.

I am grateful to The Wisdom Daily for giving me the opportunity to share some of these inspirachels with you.


A miracle, by definition, is something that cannot be explained by science. Something inexplicable in terms of the laws of nature.

Awe is when you feel a sense of wonder or amazement, coupled with a great respect–to a level that is humbling.

It makes sense that in the presence of a miracle, one would experience awe.

But also…there is so much to be awed by that science can explain.

I don’t know what does it for you, but when I need to, (as Rumi says,) “Drop [my] cleverness and purchase bewilderment,” I think on…Transition lenses.

Yes. you read that right.

So apparently, they have all these silver molecules and the molecules change shape when exposed to specific kinds of illumination, causing them to darken or lighten in response.

A slice of clear-seeming glass turns dark, and then light.

I mean… what? That’s magical.

Ok ok ok, I know, it’s not actually magical. It’s not a miracle. It’s science. Old science, in fact. Transition lenses have been around for a while.

We carry miniature computers around with us in our pockets, for goodness’s sake.

What can I say? Transition lenses do it for me. So do laughing babies, and flowers blooming, and electricity.

Every breath. Every heartbeat.

There are so many opportunities to be in awe, if you’re not too cool to be amazed. Being cool can get so cold. Warm your weary bones for a second.

When you’re feeling jaded, or tired, you can reinvigorate a sense of splendor and in your life by connecting to this amazement.

Consider that feeling “over it” might just be a way of protecting yourself… it can feel vulnerable to be open to awe…but a life without it is so… blah.

Awe > Blah.

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