Wisdom on Storytelling, Soccer and Art: Must-Read Links

It’s time for a new list of Must-Reads. Kick off this week with the following interviews and essays that caught our attention – quoted here on The Wisdom Daily – including insightful perspectives about?the value of online friendships, the thrills evoked by 2015’s World Cup stars, the inspiring Colombian turning violence into art and more. Whatever’s transpiring in your life, may you find the words of wisdom you need.


1. Net Result

“There’s something about the sea of ponytails against a field of green that activates a nostalgia node somewhere deep in my chest. It triggers a swell of sensory memories… mud on knee caps and cleat-marks on shins… That original sensation of moving as a team up the field, coalescing in a knot around a downed player, the repetitive smack of a high-five line, is still at the core of my understanding of community. And work. And pride. And pain. And joy. Without all of that, I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know who I’d be.”

– Emily Heist Moss, “Congrats, Team USA, and Thanks for the Memories” (Role Reboot)


2. Shiver and Share

“StoryCorps has made me less fearful of other people. [The] really bad people are few and far between, even though that’s not represented in newspapers in the culture of fear we live in… People want to have these conversations, but it can be hard and scary. I think about it like jumping in a freezing cold pool.”

– Dave Isay, “The Art of Storytelling” (Ted.com)


3. More Than Flesh and Blood

“Media reports… show us images of bodies, just plain bodies. I don’t like that word. I think we should be talking about subjects, beings; if you want to use the word, soul. Not in a religious sense, but of something that is beyond the body. A human being is far more than a body. It’s all the connections, it’s all the relationships, it’s the space they take up in the world – everything that a complete life could give. That aspect is what I hope my work could address.”

– Doris Salcedo, “Silent Witness” (The Art Newspaper)


4. An Untangled Web

“Relationships forged in the Internet ether are not only real, but proof that it takes little to find intercontinental common ground. Social media is a salient way to diminish the differences between self and other. We can connect to anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Formalities fall away, distance disappears. We are never alone, a follower or friend always at our fingertips. We are closer than ever before.”

– Dina L. Relles, “A Shared Road” (Stir Journal)


5. What’s New?

“It always looks like we haven’t innovated in 10 or 20 years, because it takes 10 or 20 years to notice an innovation… Someone, somewhere, right now is inventing or discovering something that will utterly change the future. But you’re probably not going to know about it for years. That’s always how it works.”

– Morgan Housel, “Innovation Isn’t Dead” (Money magazine)


6. Open to Possibilities

“Finding my way as a parent has been a collage project. There were so many confident parents in my life who seemed to know all the right ways to do it, and so I naturally thought it was my fault when their suggestions often didn’t work out for us. Now, I don’t think everyone else has the answer. I try to approach parenting with a spirit of curiosity and investigation.”

– Jillian Lauren, interviewed about her book, Everything You Ever Wanted (Hypertext magazine)


Image credit: Fox Soccer/YouTube


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