July 21, 2014

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1 The Man in the Moon

Posted July 21, 2014

 The Man in the Moon

Are we better or worse off as a global community today than we were 45 years ago? If you were around then, do you remember where you were on July 20, 1969? Remember the wonder, hope, and possibility you felt when “with one small step” Neil Armstrong made history becoming the first person to set foot on the moon? Read More

2 Five Steps to Raising Kind Kids

Posted July 21, 2014

Five Steps to Raising Kind Kids

The five steps described in this Washington Post article are the result of Harvard Psychologist, Richard Weissbourd and the Making Caring Common project which he directs. Like most lists, this one may make it seem far simpler than it is to actually accomplish the goal. On the other hand, the list could actually be distilled down to an even simpler, single step Read More

3 The People’s Platform…Really?

Posted July 21, 2014

The People’s Platform…Really?

Has the internet paid off as promised? Has culture – both popular and intellectual – actually been more democratized and upgraded over the past 20 years, or is it a fake kind of democracy in which a new oligarchy has replaced the old one(s) which governed the pre-internet world? Read More