March 10, 2014

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1 The Power of Kindness

Posted March 10, 2014

The Power of Kindness

Can kindness soften the borders between life and death? As a well-educated post-modern person I know well there are no metaphysical truths – life is life and death is death. Yet the meaning of our lives is not driven by metaphysical truths but by psycho-spiritual intuitions and experiences that many of us have had but are often reluctant or afraid to share.  Read More

2 Does Any War Really Ever End?

Posted March 10, 2014

Does Any War Really Ever End?

Redeployment is a wise and haunting new book by Iraq War veteran, Phil Kay. And even if you never read the book, do yourself a favor and at least read this review by one of the best war correspondents of the generation, Dexter Filkins.

The very title of the book suggests that for combat veterans, at least for many of them, their war never ends, they “simply” re-deploy. Read More

3 Graphic Design and the Sacred

Posted March 10, 2014

Graphic Design and the Sacred

Whether you are an atheist, liberal or conservative here is a Bible that will make you think! Presbyterian pastor, graphic designer and Ph.D. student Joseph Novak recently unveiled his first collection of graphic designs – a set of minimalist illustrations – of each of the sixty-six books of the Jewish and Christian Bible.  Read More

4 Bitcoin and The Currency of Trust

Posted March 10, 2014

 Bitcoin and The Currency of Trust

Bitcoin is a “virtual currency” that made the news last week, and will likely remain in the news this coming week as well, with a mysterious inventor, a suicide in Singapore, and other sexy stories described in this article. The real story of Bitcoin though – the story that matters whether you really understand what a virtual currency is or not, and most of us don’t, is the story of the importance of trust. Read More