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College Admissions Heartbreak: A Bounce-Back Guide

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard from numerous parents about the cruel shock their children have experienced upon being rejected from the college of their choice. For many young people, living in protective and privileged environments unprecedented for previous generations, this may be the first time they’ve been faced with such rejection. In our hyper-competitive, brutal, ridiculously terrifying college admissions environment, this rejection evokes (in both parents and kids) feelings that run the gamut from devastating disappointment and anger to massive embarrassment and humiliation. I have personally seen kids cry as......

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What Do You See in Your Mirror?

What we see in the mirror may be one of the most powerful forces in how we live our lives. That view shapes our aspirations and expectations – sometimes for good, sometimes not. The power of self-image is pretty hard to overestimate. That’s what makes it especially important to address the fact that a negative view of oneself is, unfortunately, terribly common. As I’ve been reminded lately, the challenge of appreciating who you see in the mirror and thinking positively about yourself – for just about everyone from teenage kids to seniors......

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What If Your Teen Is Caught Sharing Sexy Selfies?

Teens getting drunk at parties is nothing new, and by now, neither is the even more disturbing (though thankfully less common) practice among teenagers of sexting. However, a recent article from psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow reports that it isn’t just sexting; many kids are sharing explicit photos of themselves online. Dr. Ablow offered some parenting advice which I found myself both sympathetic to, and genuinely upset by. He suggests: Regular drug-testing, Confiscation of cell phones, Removal of internet connectivity, Temporary suspension from school, Intensive psychotherapy. But that’s it. That is all he......

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