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Understanding Why We Fight

The news keeps getting worse, be it from Ferguson, Missouri or Ukraine. In each case, a day or two of calm is followed by a new act of violence. And as that happens, it’s only natural, and perhaps even wise, to look for explanations. After all, we tend to assume that if only we could understand a problem, be it global, familial or inner-personal, we could fix it. Not so fast. Can you really fix a problem generated by a-rational thinking (not based on or governed by reason) with a purely rational......

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Video: Putin's Annexation of Crimea and the "Humiliation Excuse"

From Odyssey Network’s Faith on the Record series: Last week Vladimir Putin led Russia in the annexation of Crimea, the latest move in the international crisis unfolding between Russia and Ukraine. According to Brad Hirschfield, humiliation “is used time and again around the globe to justify some of the most horrific things”, but “faith should help us appreciate the eternal, unbendable, unshakeable human dignity that each of us possesses regardless of what those around us do or have done to us in the past.” Odyssey Networks tells the stories of faith in......

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Syria Action: Moral Progress?

Keeping track of the Syria crisis these past couple of weeks has one’s head spinning. In a span of days we have seen the following: The President unilaterally ordering the bombing of Syria for crossing the red line of using chemical weapons, The President delaying military action, ceding presidential power and seeking approval from Congress, The American people?- tired after the failures of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya?- decisively rejecting military involvement, The President on the brink of not getting approval from Congress, Secretary Kerry’s offhand remark about Syria getting rid of all......

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