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A Wedding Made Unforgettable by Dad's Decision

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: At Brittany Peck’s wedding in Ohio last month, she reportedly worried about who should walk her down the aisle. Putting her feelings first, her father surprised guests when he reached a hand out to Brittany’s stepfather, pulled him from his seat, put their animosity aside and insisted that he participate in the bride’s entrance. The wedding photos taken by Delia Blackburn have gone viral, and it’s clear why: “There are probably more good partners in our lives than we realize the kind of......

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To My Own Beloved Graduate

My youngest daughter graduates in a few weeks. No, not college graduation, nor even a high school graduation (so there will be no famous speaker like those featured yesterday here on The Wisdom Daily). This is an 8th-grade graduation, but there is nothing “just” or “only” about it. The fact is, if someone had told me 13 years ago that our wonderful daughter would be graduating grammar school as a typical student, I would have told them that they must be smoking crack. To be sure, part of that estimation would’ve been......

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