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Connecting and Resolving Conflict: Inspired by Dance

I counsel individuals of all ages as they struggle in their relationships with friends, partners, and family members. It goes with the territory when one is a rabbi. The people I counsel often have become attached to avoiding conflict, so when conflicts arise in their relationships – as they inevitably do – they are quick to interpret them as potentially catastrophic. They need their interactions to look a particular way in order to feel loved. Our bodies can teach us about these dynamics. In the “Contact Improvisation”?video below, dancers maintain a point......

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Not So Fast, Columbus Critics

October 12 is Columbus Day – a day to celebrate Christopher Columbus’ 1492 arrival in the Americas. The holiday has been observed annually in the United States since the 1970s, every second Monday in October. But many are asking, should we really be celebrating this event? After all, Columbus’ arrival took a terrible toll on indigenous peoples (as did the arrival of many explorer-conquerers who followed). Anti-Columbus Day critics point out: These Europeans brought diseases, oppression, slavery, coerced conversions and a host of other tragedies to the indigenous communities they encountered. And......

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Are Memories the Heart of Wisdom?

A former New York costume designer once mentioned the concept of a “moment” to me. In theater costuming, a moment is some contrasting design element that catches the attention of the audience, so they focus on the lead actors, rather than on the supporting ones – think of a character in a red dress among a group dressed in pastels, another character in a shiny silver tuxedo among an ensemble dressed in muted gray. Why is this a moment? Because the attention of the audience pauses temporarily as they survey the scene,......

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