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What Age-Old Religions Gain from New Ideas

In this talk I gave at BIF10 in September, I focused on religion from the most practical and (as it turns out) innovative perspective: How well do our religions serve our deepest human needs? What if religions were actually measured by their ability to impact our capacity for gratitude, hope, empathy and our sense of belonging? What if we unbundled the wisdom and practices from established religions (and their metaphysics, theologies, tribes and communities) and measured them for their ability to help us flourish? Watch the video below, as I discuss these......

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Songwriting: Saving Veterans Lives

Darden Smith is an innovator of the human spirit. I met this charismatic, humble, talented, Texas musician / singer / songwriter a couple of months ago at the BIF10 innovation summit where with guitar in hand, he told his story of how the pursuit of the song has kept him on this planet. Smith, known for his story telling lyrics, weaving folk and Americana influences with rock, pop, and the musical roots of Texas, founded a unique organization called SongwritingWith:Soldiers, which gives military men and women suffering from PTSD the opportunity to......

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