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Use the Power of "Why" for Your New Year's Resolutions

Yes, it’s that week of the year when pretty much every place you turn, every channel you watch, every broadcaster to whom you listen, and every site you follow almost certainly addresses New Year’s Resolutions. Guess what? Us, too! Because we are The Wisdom Daily though, we do it a bit differently. While others are all about the ‘What’ and ‘How’ in making New Year’s Resolutions, I invite you to focus, at least initially, on the ‘Why‘. What do I mean? Google the phrase ”New Year’s Resolution” and you will be inundated......

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To My Own Beloved Graduate

My youngest daughter graduates in a few weeks. No, not college graduation, nor even a high school graduation (so there will be no famous speaker like those featured yesterday here on The Wisdom Daily). This is an 8th-grade graduation, but there is nothing “just” or “only” about it. The fact is, if someone had told me 13 years ago that our wonderful daughter would be graduating grammar school as a typical student, I would have told them that they must be smoking crack. To be sure, part of that estimation would’ve been......

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Another Stephen Colbert Talent: Wisdom

I am the father of three daughters in their teens and twenties, which is why this video from TV star Stephen Colbert caught my attention. It’s produced by Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie magazine, for its “Ask a Grown” advice series, featuring a variety of well-known personalities answering real questions written by girls. As someone who appreciates the complexities of parenting in ways that merit serious attention to so-called “traditional” values and the fact that each generation’s uniqueness demands respect, this Emmy winner’s guidance struck me as genuinely wise. In the clip – no......

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