Tag: Unemployment

Jobs That Sail Away for Good

You know the rhyme: “The butcher, the baker, the candle-stick maker, they all sailed out to sea…” Turns out, they won’t be out there alone: They’ll soon be joined by the bookkeeper, the ticket-taker and the telemarketer, with hundreds of other professions following in their wake. Our jobs are at risk, and so are we. Just check out this 2013 report from Oxford, and this “Will Your Job Be Done By a Machine?” tool on NPR’s website. They’re a reality check about the many jobs we may soon see computerized and/or automated......

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You Are More Than Your Work

While recent labor market reports may indicate that the employment picture is improving across the country as a whole, there are still plenty of people looking for jobs.? What’s more disconcerting is many people remain “underemployed” or have simply stopped looking for a job because of the long, unanswered months or even years of job searching. This is tough stuff. The fact is, losing a job, is more like the loss surrounding death than most people will allow themselves to admit. ?This may be because doing so makes the experience that much......

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