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Authenticity and Ambition: Four Steps to Nurturing Both

The experience of visiting one of the world’s most famous film festivals was as intense as I’d anticipated when I went to Cannes this spring for a Screen Actors Guild internship. Now, as I reflect on my visit, I realize that what can take your breath away in terms of flash and glare may actually shed light on something of greater importance: the challenge of not losing yourself in the whirlwind. The Cannes Film Festival felt like a long list you had to be on. The parties and screenings were speed-dating exchanges......

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The Key to 'Successful' First Dates

Dating is a process of being open and closed; open to letting a stranger become significant, closed to the immediate discomfort of the moment. The discomfort of being judged by our appearance or job title, the pressure of keeping up a conversation. I’ve lived in New York, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, St. Petersburg and Singapore. And I’ve been single in every city. That’s a lot of first dates. There was a post-lecture mezcal at a conference in Mexico. A night safari in Singapore. A Thai dinner with a British teacher......

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