Tag: Public Safety

Breaking America's Addiction to Guns

One shoe bomb attempt and we all have to take off our shoes at the airport… A failed liquid-bomb attempt results in restrictions on bringing 4 oz. of opened shampoo onto planes… A child drowns in a pool and legislation passes requiring pools be fenced in… But an average of 300 shootings every day in America, plus, just in the years since Newtown nearly 150 school shootings and nearly 1,000 mass shootings (four or more people shot in one attack) – not to mention more than 20,000 gun-inflicted suicides, more than 11,000......

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Another Mass Shooting in the Land of the Free

From Odyssey Networks’ Faith on the Record series: This time, it was an audience enjoying a comedy in a movie theater in Louisiana. Another mass shooting in another public place, here in the United States – adding to the long list of 2015 mass shootings in America. Many were wounded, and three lives ended, including the gunman. But the rest of us are all stuck in a cul-de-sac in this country, and none of us has the solution by ourselves. In order to forge a path to greater public safety, we need......

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